Economic Agendas

I’ve selected and summarised several useful economic agendas which are short and I think worth using as bases/reference for discussion / processing the issues – rather than completely reinventing the wheel (time, quality). Maybe discuss and agree one as the ‘base camp’ from which we will set out?

      1. Ha Joon Chang
      2. Recent election manifesto
      3. International Organization for a Participatory Society
      4. My own transitional policy set  1+1

Yes I’ve excluded some obvious candidates – I’m focusing on a transitional agenda only.

Left Unity Aims

I’ve collected the Aims statements proposed by various members from the Policy Group re Constitution: the following links give you access. If you want to access AND vote as an indication on which draft you prefer (as a feedback loop not an official party vote) please visit:

Aims Statements by Author
Vote / Feedback which you prefer