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Please click to open any of the samples. I wrote all of the following, designed and produced the artwork for most of them.

Brochure and Fact Sheet ‘leave behinds’ for a cyber security service. I am particularly pleased with the central metaphor I created: the Thames barrier protecting the city from Thames tidal waves as similar to the role played  by the cyber security service.

I set up and online shopping channel for Cambridge-based charity Cambridge Re-Use and after a very successful pilot scheme raised funds from local Trusts to pay for a member of staff to run the channel on  a permanent basis.

Adwords campaign work at Christian Blind Mission before and after comparison.

adwords cbm

07 Jun 15
news: Are you ready for the banking app store?







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1 UBA and Ixaris to deliver e-commerce payments to over ten million across Africa


 11 Technology threatens European banking model

                                                                                   23 June 2014  |  10019 views  |  2


Ixaris Announces Payments ‘App Store’ approach to revolutionise product development for banks

12 Sep 14
features: Knocking down the payment barriers – on demand Q&A session

04 Aug 14
news: Finextra Leadership: Life in the fast lane

03 Jul 14
pr: Marketplace for banks to buy and sell code launches

26 Jun 14
news: Technology threatens European banking model

20 Jun 14
video: The humble bank account

07 Jun 14
news: Are you ready for the banking app store?

04 Jun 14
news: FCA to foster fintech innovation; Treasury pushes P2P, APIs and virtual currency

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memo letter

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